"When you have more energy, you get to do more things and live out your dreams."



If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent a lot of time in gyms over the years without seeing the scale move up or down in the direction you hoped it would! I learned early on in my life (from Grandma) that the definition of insanity is repeating the same actions over and over again and expecting different results. We’ve all heard it. We all believe it, and yet we do the same things over and over again anyway. However, I finally took Grandma's advice and decided to change things up!


For 10 years, I went through the motions, 6+ times/wk in the gym, and rarely giving myself a break because I figured I had to keep working non-stop until I achieved the body of my dreams. That’s what badasses do, right? Or so the “gym elite” would have you think. You know what badasses do? We listen to our bodies in every moment and keep a mental note of our energy, and we do everything we naturally can to manage that energy so that we are able to actually enjoy our time on this planet. And what’s really cool is that when you have more energy, you not only get to do more things and live out your dreams, but you also get to serve others at your highest capacity. When you win, everyone around you also wins!





Before I discovered life coaching, I was completely lost on where to devote my energy. In fact, I didn’t have enough ENERGY to devote to anything. I didn’t know what was valuable about me or what my purpose was. I also struggled with body image, going from fit and confident at times, to hitting plateaus and feeling out of shape, and torturing myself over my eating habits, which were often sugar and alcohol laden. Other times, I would deprive myself, especially on days when I didn’t exercise. My weight constantly fluctuated, and I kept telling myself I was healthy, eating whatever I wanted as long as I did it all “in moderation”. When I look back now, it was CHAOS.


I knew there was a better way, but I was resistant to identifying a solution. I focused on masking the problem and told myself the solution had to be perfect and solve everything and last forever. Because if it didn’t last, then it would feel like failure, or a waste of time, and that seemed completely pointless. Like skipping a workout because if it’s not going to be an hour, why bother? … Sound familiar?


Becoming certified as a health and life coach was my way out of all the suffering – yes, I suffered for years without knowing it. I am BETTER now, and STRONGER, and HAPPIER. I’m feeling pretty “on top of the world” these days! It is my personal mission to inspire others to become the most powerful and sexy version of themselves, and we start by getting clear about what that looks like. In effect, I’ll have you feeling ON TOP OF THE WORLD too! Are you excited about that possibility for yourself??