Body Love Bootcamp (Starts 10/30/21)

Body Love Bootcamp (Starts 10/30/21)


Boot Camp starts Saturday 10.30.21 


Are you tired of the semi-annual "Get My Body Back" mentality that tends to occur mid-spring (in preparation for SUMMER BODY SEASON) and then again right at the tail end of summer (to fix all the damage from summer partying and the longer days and general lack of sleep)? 

When it comes to achieving a body that you love and care for YEAR ROUND, the number 1 ingredient is not periodic dieting or intense exercise, but rather CONSISTENCY! 

If YOU are someone who struggles to “stick with it” on your own, it might be time for you to join an accountability circle, or hire a coach - or in this case, both! 👋🏼💛

Signup for our (6 week) BODY LOVE BOOTCAMP beginning October 10th!


(Price will go up to $569 on October 1st and will not come back down again) 💸

  • What's included?

    What's included, you ask? ðŸ§


    • Weekly guidance from Trevor including live video/Q&A chats
    • Weekly email for extra motivation to keep you showing up for yourself.
    • Private Facebook group with others who are working toward the same or similar body goals. A place to share wins and tips on exercise and nutrition, 24/7!
    • Exercise tracking via the TrueCoach App* which will ensure you do not miss any of the progressive workouts, and you'll be able to record additional advanced routines which I am giving to anyone who feels like they want more of a challenge. 
    • FREE 1-on-1 health or life coaching session (value of $115) to help you experience a major breakthrough in any area of your life.